Process Flow of DYEING UNIT

Gas Singeing & De-sizing Machine
Scouring & Bleaching Machine
Mercerizing Machine
Washing Machine
Peach Machine
Cold Pad Batch
Sanforizing Machine
Jigger Dyeing Machine
Chambered Stenter Machine with MAHLO
Inspection Machine


Newly made goods, which frequently show imperfections, are carefully inspected, and defects are usually repaired by hand operations.

The first inspection of woolen and worsted, spun rayon, and cotton fabrics, is the process of removing any remaining foreign matter, such as burrs and also any loose threads, knots, and undesired slub’s.

Mending, frequently necessary for woolens and worsteds, eliminates such defects as holes or tears, broken yarns, and missed warp or weft yarns.


Fabric inspection is done for fault/defect rate, fabric construction, end to end or edge to edge shading, color, hand or feel, length/width, print defect and appearance.

Some garment manufacturers rely on their fabric suppliers to perform fabric inspection and fabric defects.

That is why, Well Fabrics has made an arrangement to bring perfection in all kinds of Fabrics inspection.